Gold Calling Card

Gold Calling Card is a prepaid international calling card from the Group of Gold Line – Canada’s largest and most reputable calling card and long distance service provider in Canada.

Group of Gold Line owns its own backend telecommunication infrastructure allowing to route excellent quality long distance calls around the world on unbeatable prices.

After CiCi Calling Card, Gold is the second popular calling card from group of Gold Line. Gold Calling Card provides excellent quality of connection to all countries around the globe. Gold calling card has a little service fee (15c) charged after the 3d minute of the call. This grace 3 minute period allow callers to make sure that long conversation is acceptable and convenient. According to Gold Calling Card Terms of Service, Gold reserves the right to charge a 7% charge (again, after the 3d minute of the call), but in fact actual delivered minutes are better and for most calls is about 90% of advertized prepaid minutes.

Generally Gold Calling Card offers better rates than CiCi Calling Card, but because of per-call service fees, it is better to use Gold calling Card for less number of long calls. Unlike Gold, CiCi calling card has no service or any other fees and may be used for any number of callas of any length with only little higher rates.

Gold calling card is very popular for calls to many countries. It is especially good for calls to countries with low per minute rates like, China, United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy (and most other European land lines), Mexico, India, Pakistan and many more.

The very special country for Gold and other Gold Line Calling Cards is Iran. Gold Line has special arrangements for call routing to Iran and provides significantly better quality and pricing for calling Iran. In fact Gold, CiCi and Bita Calling Cards and the most popular calling cards for Iran from Canada and the United States.

Where to purchase Gold Calling Card

Gold, CiCi and many other Gold Line calling cards could be purchased any more than 100, 000 retail outlets across Canada. Gild Line calling cards are featured at Mac’s convenience stores, 7/11 network, Shell Gas Stations, many convenience and large grocery stores. Gold Calling Card, CiCi and many other calling cards are featured online at Ontario Phone Cards.

Calling from the United States

Gold and CiCi calling cards are designed and best used for calls from Canada. For calls from the United States Group of Gold Line offers Bita Calling Card. Bita calling card is designed for United States and has local access numbers for most U.S.A. cities and towns. More info on Bita Phone Card